Rise of the Runelords

Burnt Offerings: Part 4


Tsuto’s journal mentions that Nualia would be burning her fathers stolen remains at the “Thistletop shrine”. Knowing that Thistletop is an ancient site along the Varisian coast that has long serverd as a den for goblins, the adventurers head into the wilderness. While navigating the labyrinth of Nettlewood that has overgrown the area, they discover a group of goblins who appear to be a bit worse for wear. Andrick Windfall, master of the amazing disguise check, tricks the goblins into thinking that he is one of them. He learns that they were part of the front lines in the goblin raid on Sandpoint, but that their leaders had been killed. They’ve come to Thistletop hoping to join Chief Ripnugget’s clan. Since they arrived they’ve been treated poorly by the Thistletop clan and they are rather miserable.

Returning to the group, Andrick explains what he has learned. Paladin Lambo, knowing the death and misery that these goblins have caused, is compelled by Justice to end their lives. Andrick attempts to prevent this from happening. A skirmish erupts within the party, and results in Andrick heading off on his own.

The adventurers forge ahead and capture Gogmurt, a goblin druid who tells them that the Sandpoint raid was the idea of the humans who have taken residency in Thistletop. He mentions that Chief Ripnugget has become enthralled with them, especially with a “very angry woman with white hair and weird eyes and a torn-up belly”. He tells them that it was at her urging that the assault on Sandpoint took place. He begs the adventurers not to harm any more goblins, and that if they can get into Ripnugget’s fort on the island and get rid of the angry woman and the other “longshanks” that she has with her, that no goblin will ever bother Sandpoint again.

Inside the fort they face Chief Ripnugget, astride of hist giant gecko. He fights to the death, but the adventurers learn that Nualia and her allies can be found in the complex that exists below the fort. Descending deeper into the catacombs, the adventurers encounter a few of Nualia’s cohorts:

  • Bruthazmus – A bugbear ranger, who very nearly kills Seagretor.
  • Lyrie Akenja – A human wizard who the adventurers capture and attempt to feed to a multi-eyed, multi-tentacled monster. She is able to escape and dive into the ocean. It is uncertain if she survived.
  • Orik Vancaskerkin – A human mercenary. Orik is ambushed in his quarters by the adventurers, and agrees to help them fight Nualia, his now ex-employer.

The adventurers discover another altar to Lamashtu in Thistletop, and learn that Nualia is attempting to become a demon herself through sacrificing her father’s remains to the Mother of Monsters. They confront Nualia and bring her schemes, and her life to an end.



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