Rise of the Runelords

The Skinsaw Murders: Part 5


In the personality of “His Lordship”, the Skinsaw Man tells the PCs of how the Foxgloves have been involved with a secretive organization in Magnimar named the Brothers of the Seven since its inception generations ago. When Aldern moved back to Magnimar from Korvosa, he was approached by the Brotherhood and invited to join them. Through their influence he was able to reclaim Foxglove Manor. After he killed his wife in a fit of jealousy, he fled to Magnimar to ask the Brotherhood for help. They promised to dispose of the evidence, but instead began blackmailing him.

Aldern was quickly being ruined financially, so when the Brotherhood promised him that his debt would be repaid if he were to capture some of the diseased rats that lived beneath the manor, he was ecstatic. He delivered the rats to the Brotherhood, but in the process of obtaining them was infected by the potent Ghoul Fever they carried and was transformed into the ghast known as the Skinsaw Man. Since then, a shadowy figure known as Xanesha, Mistress of the Seven has been providing him with lists of victims, upon whom he must perform the Sihedron ritual.

As he mentions another secret society, known as the Skinsaw Cult, the “Lordship” personality loses control, and the calm, deadly Skinsaw Man personality assumes control. Though bound, the Skinsaw Man stands and bows before the adventurers, saying “I wonder how your deaths shall affect your friends. What things might you have done that will go unfinished? What will those broken promises spawn? How will your murders shape the world?”. He lunges at them, attempting to kill them with his teeth, but is finally vanquished.

The adventurers find further evidence of the Brotherhood’s influence in a letter from Xanesha to Aldern, which mentions Aldern’s townhouse in Magnimar. They realize that the time has come to venture into the city to see if they can discover the secrets of this mysterious Skinsaw Cult, starting with the Brothers of the Seven.



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