Foxglove Manor Haunts

These powerful and often terrifying visions of the past affected different adventurers during their exploration of Foxglove Manor.


  • In the Lounge, the adventurers noticed that dust in front of the fireplace was being disturbed, almost as if an invisible person were pacing violently back and forth. As they walked through the path, they saw a brief flash of memory—a woman filled with worry about what her husband might be doing on those late nights spent in the basement. An instant later, they were suddenly convinced that one of the others was their child, and developed a powerful urge to escape the house with them before something horrible happened.
  • As the dust was wiped away from the various portraits of members of the Foxglove family in the Gallery, the temperature in the room dropped dramatically. Breath frosted in the air and fingers of rime slithered across the walls. The figures depicted in the portraits suddenly shifted from paintings of living people to those of dead folk:
    • Kasanda and her daughter Lorey slumped into misshapen, tumor-ridden corpses.
    • Traver grew pale as a long cut opened in his throat and blood washed
      down over his chest.
    • Cyralie blackened and charred, and her arms, legs, and back twisted as if broken in dozens of places.
    • Aldern’s flesh darkened with rot, his hair fell out, and he deformed into a ghoul-like monster.
    • Both Sendeli’s and Zeeva’s portraits frosted over but otherwise remained unchanged.
    • Vorel’s entire portrait, frame and all, erupted into a sudden explosion of fungus and tumorous growth. This wave of fungus and disease washed over the entire room in seconds before the room suddenly reverted to normal.

Vorel Foxglove

  • In an upstairs bedroom, one of the adventurers suddenly felt an itching on his face. Although to his companions nothing seemed amiss, they felt as if their face had suddenly erupted into a tangled mess of tumors and boils, and the feeling lasted just long enough for him to attempt to claw the offending sickness from his skull
  • In Vorel’s Laboratory, one of the adventurers saw the strangely humanoid shape on the wall created by the mold and realized the shape matched that of his own shadow exactly. He suddenly experienced a sensation of vertigo as he felt compelled to feed on the fungus to reclaim his stolen shadow.

Kasanda Foxglove

  • In the master bedroom, one of the adventurers suddenly became dizzy and staggered. An instant later, the dizzy spell passed but he became filled with an overwhelming hatred of women, and was driven by an urge to attack the closest one.
  • As he entered the basement Workshop, Chad experienced a sudden urge to read the books on the workbench. As he touched them, a flood of information flowed through his mind. He experienced a series of visions chronicling the various stages Vorel went through in his quest to become a lich, from researching the works of previous liches, to gathering the components for the lich transformation potion, to building his phylactery, finally culminating in a vision of Vorel taking his potion and doubling over in agony as his body began to rot away. All of these visions take place as if in a realm of animated stained-glass windows. As Vorel doubled over, Chad was filled with blinding shame that a loved one would do this to himself, followed by a burning rage that he was stopped before he finished his ritual.

Traver Foxglove

  • In an upstairs bedroom, Mike was suddenly overwhelmed with the conviction that he has just killed the person he loved most. Overwhelmed with despair, he moved to the desk, retrieved what appears to be a silver-handled dagger from it, and tried to cut his own throat.
  • When Mike entered the study, dozens of memories of expeditions, sea voyages, and travels to exotic locales raced through his mind. As the memories built momentum, they became increasingly infused with a sense of bitter disappointment and regret, and Mike became increasingly aware that he was receiving memories that never were, memories of fantastic discoveries that Traver could have made had he not chosen to settle down with a shrill harpy of a wife.

Cyralie Foxglove

  • The first time the adventurers passed through the entrance hall, Jeff caught a momentary whiff of burning hair and flesh. The next time they passed through, he saw the manticore lurch to sudden life, its face shifting to resemble that of Cyralie and its fur erupting into flame. Its tail struck forward against him in an attempt to burn him, then returned to normal.
  • In the Observatory, Jeff suddenly felt uncomfortably hot. A second later, he believed he has suddenly caught on fire, and that the only way to put the flames out before he burned to death was to throw himself through the unbroken window and, hopefully, into the sea below.

Aldern Foxglove

  • In an upstairs bedroom, Richard suddenly became convinced that his parents were trying to kill each other, and that whichever of them survived would be coming to kill him next; he had a vision of his mother, wielding a torch, and his father, festering with tumors and wielding a long knife, both struggling to kill each other.
  • When Sorcerer Dave first set foot on the stairs, he experienced a sudden vision of Aldern, sweaty, filthy, and wild-eyed, digging away at the stone floor of this room with a pickaxe. With each swing, he grunted out two words: “For you.” Dave knew that Aldern is speaking of him. As the vision ended, Aldern broke through into the room beyond, and a horde of
    shrieking ghouls rose up to pull him into the darkness below before they turned their lambent eyes to Dave.

Iesha Foxglove

  • In the Dancing Parlor was a grand piano. As soon as the piano’s keys were pressed, the instrument exploded into music, playing a catchy but discordant Varisian song. A character in the room was swept into a series of rapidly increasing pirouettes, leaping across the room in the arms of an invisible dance partner. They saw their partner: Iesha in all her vibrant beauty. They witness Iesha’s beauty fade as her neck darkens into an angry blue-and-black bruise, her eyes bulge and water, her mouth twists in pain, and her tongue protrudes as if she were being invisibly strangled. Finally, she crumbles away into rot in her partner’s arms.
  • In the Drawing Room, a horrif shriek erupted and a scarf draped over the side of a fallen chair came to life. It flew across the room and wrapped itself around one of the adventurer’s throats. A ghostly image of Aldern manifested before them and appeared to be using the scarf to choke them to death; at the same moment, the haunted character lost his sense of self and believed they had become Iesha.

Foxglove Manor Haunts

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