Lost Coast Goblin Tribes

There are five major Goblin tribes in the Lost Coast region:

The Birdcruncher Tribe
  • The closest to Sandpoint.
  • Live in caves along the western edge of the Devil’s Platter.
  • Traditionally the least aggressive of the five.
The Lickload Tribe
  • Live to the south in Brinestump Marsh.
  • Excellent swimmers.
The Seven Tooth Tribe
  • Live to the east in Shank’s Wood.
  • Raid Sandpoint’s junkyard and rebuild refuse into armor and weapons.
The Mosswood Tribe
  • Live farther east in Mosswood Forest.
  • The largest of the five tribes.
  • Normally held back by feuds within its own ranks.
The Thistletop Tribe
  • Live on the Nettlewood coast atop a small island.

Notorious Members

There were six goblins in the region that were well-known:

  • Big Gugmut
  • Koruvus
  • Vorka
  • Rendwattle Gutwad
  • Ripnugget
  • Bruthazmus

Lost Coast Goblin Tribes

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